ETC Announces Version 2.0 of SmartSoft

etc_smartsoft_v20Today, Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) announced the release of version 2.0 of Smartsoft, the program that gives you the ability to see what is happening on your SmartFade ML console just like the old Express boards.

The new version of SmartSoft is now compatiable with all of ETC’s Smartfade consoles, the SmartFade 1248, SmartFade 2496, SmartFade 1296 and the SmartFade ML.  SmartSoft comes with customized screens for each version of SmartFade consoles.  In addition, this version of SmartSoft is compatible with both Windows XP/Vista and Macintosh OS X computers.

SmartSoft organizes show content and helps get beginners comfortable with the SmartFade and SmartFade ML consoles. SmartSoft lets users view, edit and build show data for SmartFade and SmartFade ML, in real-time via a USB connection to the console or offline. Its Live Output screen shows intensities and with SmartFade ML it also displays moving-light parameter values. SmartSoft can also be used offline with Capture visualization software from Capture Sweden (, helping designers prepare shows well ahead of time.

Users of SmartFade and SmartFade ML consoles with SmartSoft choosing to upgrade to v2.0 will need to update both SmartSoft and their console software. The console software update can be found within a folder on the computer’s hard disk once SmartSoft has been installed, typically C:\\Program Files\ETC\SmartSoft\Firmware Updates (PC) or within the SmartSoft folder on a Mac.

As always, the SmartSoft software and release notes are available for free download from the ETC Web site at