ETC Releases Ion Remote Processor Unit and Eos v1.4.2

ETC announces the release of the Ion® RPU, which can be used for primary/backup lighting-control applications as well as stand-alone playback. Data sheets and specifications can be downloaded at
ETC has also released updated software for Eos® lighting control systems, Version 1.4.2, which:

  • provides support of the Ion RPU
  • provides support of the Net3™ I/O Gateway
  • removes restrictions on device connections. Ion and the Ion RPU may back up an Eos system, and Eos
  • may be used as a client on an Ion system.
  • provides Artnet and Avab UDP support.
  • adds Real Time Clock programming

Other programming features were also added and issues were corrected. All of the changes in Eos v1.4.2 software are listed in detail in the Software Release Note. You can access the software download, Release Note and revised manuals from

Please note that software version 1.4.0 introduced new keycaps for Eos. Eos users who are upgrading to 1.4.2 directly from 1.3.1 or earlier software and have not yet done so, will need to order new key caps for their desks (Ion users will not have to do this). Please contact ETC Tech Support for this.

UPDATE: Talked with ETC today, This software update is for BOTH the Eos and Ion even though it does not say it directly.