Green Hippo Announces Hippo Critter Media Server

At LDI this year in Las Vegas, the makers of the Hippotizer Media Server announced the up coming release of the Hippo Critter Media Server.  Hippo Critter is the smallest addition to the Hippotizer family.  The Hippo Citter is a full working version of it’s big brother, the Hippotizer Media Server, just in a much smaller package weighing in at 6lbs. and rough measurements of 8″ x 6″ x 10″.

The Hippo Critter is ideal for fixed installations , architectural applications where space matters.  With such a small package, the Hippo Critter is able to be mounted directly to the back of a flat screen or hidden in a set out of the way.

Here is a listing of the Preliminary Features:

  • Class leading video playback and rel-time rendering
  • 2 FX engines per later, 100+ effects per FX engine
  • Frame accurate synchronization across multiple servers
  • Media Manager with live media updating
  • Timeline scheduling against the clock for standalone operation
  • Keystone and ScreenWrap for non-linear projection surfaces
  • Soft-Edge Blending
  • 4 layers (720 x 576_ or 2 layers (1280×720)
  • Unlimited universes of PixelMapper for LED fixtures
  • Control of external devices via RS232 or TCPIP
  • Remote management, upoad and configuration via HippoNet
  • External Control from DMX/MIDI/TCP-IP/RS232
  • Automation component for use with moving staging, truss, etc.
  • External ‘CritterPlate available for flexible mounting options.

All of Green Hippo products are distrobuted throguh TMB.  The Hippo Critter is expected to start shipping early in 2009 with a retail price under $10,000.  For more information on Green Hippo products, visit their website at  To find a dealer or to purchase Green Hippo products, visit TMB’s website at