JR Clancy Rigging Report – November 25, 2008

In this issue of JR Clancy’s Rigging Report, they continue on the subject of Rigging Inspections.  Last week they left off with the question, What Happens After the Rigging Inspection?  Here is a sneak peak…

Once a rigging inspection is completed and any repairs and adjustments are made everyone tends to feel good about the accomplishment.  Far too often complacency sets in. We hear, “It was inspected a couple years ago; we don’t need to worry about it.”   Later this becomes, “It’s been making that funny noise for years, so it must be OK.”

How do we sustain a focus on safety after the inspection?  Here are four steps to encourage backstage safety:
Do it again – make sure you re-inspect every year
Train – keep your crew and staff well trained
Know your system – how often do you check your system?
Communicate – safety signage and manuals are essential

Do it Again

To read the complete riging report in DPF format, click here.