Lighting Design and the iPhone

Just over a year ago, Apple released the iPhone. The all-in-one device that makes and sends calls, plays your music, movies, tv shows, gets you directions, shows you the latest YouTube videos, and much Much more. I personally have one and LOVE it.

Just recently, Apple, released an update to the iPhone to 2.0 and with it came the ability for third party developers to create applications that run nativity on the iPhone and iTouch. When the App Store opened up, there were well over 300 applications for a wide variety of interest.  And one of those applications was geared towards us, the theatre geek.

We are going to be starting a new segment called, iPhone App’s.  These apps are geared towards us and help us, the lighting geek do there job more effectivly. So keep with us to see how these app will help us do our jobs!