Ushio Introduces SPH 575 Halogen Lamp

ushio_sph575Ushio recently introduced a new addition to their Entertainment Halogen lamp line up, the SPH 575.  The SPH (Superior Performance Halogen) 575 has a patent pending filament design that allows for superior field uniformity and increased lumen performance for multiple brands of PAR fixtures and ellipsoidal spotlights.

The newly engineered filament geometry works with current reflector technology to produce up to 20% – 30% increase in fixture lumens over the GLC lamp.  The filament design profile not only increases lumens but reduces shadows for a smoother field depending on individual fixture designs.  The universal G9.5 base will fit any socket that accepts the GLC, FLK, or FEl lamps.

The SPH575, like many lamps come in to versions, standard life and a long life version.  Listed below are the specifications for both.

Standard Life Long Life
Item # 1003584 1003585
Voltage 115v 115v
Wattage 575w 575w
Filament CC-6 CC-6
Average Life 300 hours 800 hours
Lumens 16,500 14,000
Color Temp. 3250k 3050k

The SHP575 is a ralativily new lamp, pricing has not been released to the public. To learn more about the SPH575, visit ushio’s website at or contact your local lamp dealer.