Avolites Introduces Tiger Touch Lighting Console

Avolites Tiger Touch Lighting DeskDuring LDI 2009, I got a chance to stop by and take a close look at Avolites latest lighting desk, the Tiger Touch.  The Tiger Touch is a “hybrid” of the of powerful Diamond 4 functionality coupled with the friendly Pearl interface. The desk features a wide screen touch interface that provides an ever evolving software skin which can be adapted to the programmers style and layout preferences.

The Tiger Touch Lighting Desk utilizes Avolites latest Operating System, the TITAN.  TITAN has been created as a “Clean Sheet”. It’s fresh, clear design is fast and elegant to use. Avolites will continue to develop the TITAN Operating System and these benefits are continuously offered to users ongoingly at no extra charge under Avolites policy of “Free Upgrades for the Life of the Console”.

Some of the features included in the Tiger Touch and the TITAN OS:

  • Fixture Exchange
  • Fixture Copy
  • Attribute Timing on Cues
  • Head Up Display with Visualizer
  • iPhone/iPod Touch Remote Control

The Tiger Touch Lighting Desk offer 4 universes of DMX out directly o the board with the ability to speak Art-Net nativily over Ethernet and up to 12 universe of DMX. The Tiger Touch seems to be a great tour console with the 4universes of output giving us 2,048 addresss to play with plenty of conventionals and moving lights.  With it’s small form factor, just 29.5″ x 24″ x 12″ and weighing in at 66lbs in a flight case, the Tiger Touch Lighting Desk might be an option.  I am still waiting to hear on price as the desk has not begun to ship yet through TMB, the US distributor.

For more information on the Tiger Touch Lighting Desk from Avolites, visit their website at www.avolites.org.uk.