Barco Announces Cyberlight Version 2.0

Cyberlight2_LBarco/High End Systems just announced the release of the new Cyberlight version 2.0.

The Cyberlight 2.0 is a full-featured automated luminaire with a 2000 watt short arc lamp, producing over 30,000 lumens of output from a new electronic ballast. As the newest version of High End Systems’ classic Cyberlight, the Cyberlight 2.0 offers increased output, updated software capabilities and stunningly fast mirror movements. In terms of control, the fixture includes new RDM and DMX protocol and addressing, 5-pin DMX connectors, and an intuitive LED menu for DMX addressing. In addition to cosmetic changes, the Cyberlight 2.0 also offers a high degree of creativity, with tools such as electronic strobing, TriColor effects and dramatic new Lithopatterns.

The new Cyberlight 2.0 retains the popular feature set of the original Cyberlight including remotely variable focus and zoom, motorized iris, variable frost and smooth dimming. The color system consists of CMY color mixing and an eight position fixed color wheel while many images are available via the eight position Litho wheel and four position rotating Litho wheel. In addition, the unique eight position effects wheel provides amazing imagery, prisms, lens options, and more.

For more information on the Cyberlight version 2.0, visit High Ends Sytems website at