Console Trainer Announces Interactive Quick Start Guide for WholeHog

Console Trainer Interactive Quick Start Guide for WholeHog has recently released a new Interactive Quick Start Guide for the WholeHog lighting console. The interactive guide is laid out to provide helpful insight on common uses and problems faced when programing the WholeHog console.  The online guide consist of cross-reference links and embedded training videos broken down into topics by chronological order. There are tho PDF version of the guide for users to print out and take with them.  The first is about 30 pages long and contains all of the text and imagesThe second is geared towards the novice or new user that is an abridged version running 20 pages long.

The interactive guide is by no means a replacement for the user manual provided with the console for for download at, but gives a quick start to common uses and questions.  The interactive guide is still growing with more videos and sections. is a resource for console programmers to learn about features of consoles from the WholeHog and MA Lighting consoles.  It is a project created by Joe Cabbera and Cat West in response to questions that have been asked over the years by programmers calling into tech support.