Elation Announces Accent LED Strips with Adhesive Backing

Elation LED Accent StripElation Professional just released their latest architectural LED product, the Accent LED strips.  The strips are available in tow models, and RGB and a Cool White version.

The Accent Strip RGB is a very thin, LED-circuit-strip-tape with nine bright RGB (Red, Blue & Green) LEDs. It can be mounted to almost any surface using it’s built-in adhesive tape. The Accent Strip RGB can be used in various indoor applications; at home, in the office, a retail environment or any various compact space. With the use of the easy-to-use control box users can select between 7 colors and 3 operational modes.

What type of control does the Accent Strip use, I am not sure.  Looking over the product sheet, all I can tell is that each kit includes a control box.  No other specifications about control are mentioned. Each Accent Strip Kit includes 4 rolls of the LED strip at 9.75″ long and can all be connected together to run off the power supply and control box included.

At the time of writing, I was not able to locate a retail price on either Accent Strip. For more on the Elation Professional Accent Strip RGB and the Accent Strip Cool White, visit Elations website at www.elationlighting.com.