ESTA Announces eSET Portal

esetlogoThe ESTA Foundation has launched a new site geared towards providing entry level entertainment technicians a educational portal to learn and better understand terms and fundamentals within the entertainment industry.

The Essential Skills for the Entertainment Technician (eSET) goals are to provide technicians with knowledge and skills to function across all fields of the entertainment industry and a tool to organize and guide their learning.

While the site or portal is designed to better educate new technicians, educators have access to the site for in-depth materials to help educate those new techs as well as assist educators on ways to present the most up-to-date information.

Another interesting point about the site is it gives facility managers the ability to cellect venue-specific information to assist in training their workforce.  Even employers can access the site to do the same function.

Visit the eSET website to learn more information, see samples and sign up.  For students, the subscription is $10, for professionals, the subscription runs $15 and a five seat license runs $40.  Subscription includes access to the full contest of definitions and terms, downloadable PDF’s of those terms and definitions and sample assessments.