ETC Introduces Unison Mosaic Show Control


Today, Electronic Theatre Controls, (ETC), introduced their latest show control product to the Unison Control product line, Mosaic.  Unison Mosaic Show Control is based on the award winning Pharos show control technologies and has a range of software, controllers and accessories such as the Designer software, Unison Mosaic Expansion Modules, Unison Mosaic Show Controller X and the Unison Mosic Remote Input/Output Modules.

Mosaic combines innovative software and hardware. Mosaic Designer Software™ provides the framework for creating art, while Mosaic Show Controllers™ (MSCs) are the compact hardware solution, running events reliably and precisely, show after show. Engineered with unique environments in mind, Unison Mosaic Show Control presents a comprehensive control solution for architectural exteriors, retail, museum and themed spaces, art installations, special events, and innovative projects yet to be imagined.

By bringing these Mosaic show-control products into the Unison brand – alongside the Paradigm™ and SmartLink® offerings – ETC puts it all together with the most comprehensive range of products for controlling LEDs and creating energy savings.

Detailed Unison Mosaic show control information can be found at