ETC’s January 2009 Vision Newsletter

If you don’t already get the quarterly e-newsletter from ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls), we would highly recommend sign up for it by logging into MyETC through their website,  This quarters newsletter shows the lighter side of ETC.  While there are no mentions of up coming products or updates on the nest line of consoles rumored to be released within the coming months.  The newsletter does show how ETC takes care of their own and makes sure they are witness to history by pausing during the work day on January 20th to see Barack Obama being sworn in as our 44th president.

Some of the other topics in this quarters newsletter.

  • I Spy ETC
    • Frequent Traveler Spies Source Four
    • PC or Mac? In This Case, Source Fours for Mac…
    • How’s This for a Monitor for Ion?
  • Sales Stuff
    • ETC West Sets Sales Record-Thanks to all our Reps and Dealers!
    • Festive Lights and Holiday Cheer on Sunset Boulevard
  • Inside Professional Services
    • Changes in Project Management for the Southwest Territory

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