Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!

As you may have noticed, it has been a little slow here on iSquint these past two days.  We had a meeting of the minds recently about what to do this memorial day weekend.  While a three day weekend is much nicer then a two day weekend, we decided to make it a five day weekend!  Really only 4 if you count travel time.

While we take a much needed rest and relaxation, we encourage you to do the same this weekend!  Be safe and see you back at the water cooler on Tuesday!

Quick Trivia:

What is the Name the body of water that we are enjoying this weekend (image after the jump), in the comments and will a free t-shirt!  We’ll check the answers on Tuesday.


Due to a wise guy/gal, we must update the trivia question.  Please give us the OFFICIAL name of this body of water and NOT a name that you want to give it! ;) (see comments)


Can you give us the name of this body of water pictured?