JR Clancy Introduces iRigging iPhone App

JR Clancy iRigging iPhone AppI was blown away this afternoon when I received an email from JR Clancy announceing their latest product, iRigging.  It is an iPhone app for figuring out rigging calculations and information.  Here is more from the press release:

It’s never been easier to get the equipment data you need for proper installation and operation of manual and motorized rigging.  J. R. Clancy has turned its popular rigging slide rule tool into a free iPhone app, specifically for installers and users of theatre stage rigging.

The new app is called iRigging, and it delivers instant information about wire rope, batten loading, arbors, stage ropes, motors, fabrics, fleet angles, and more in English and metric units.  It’s easy to install and use from an iPhone or iPod Touch.

iRigging provides wire rope data, including:

  • Minimum sheave pitch diameter
  • Quantity of cable clips
  • Wire turnback for cable clips
  • Proper torque for cable clip bolts
  • Cable breaking strength
  • Nicopress® sleeve crimp quantity and manual tool

Other data includes:

  • Allowable fleet angles
  • Uniform and midpoint batten loading
  • Arbor capacity
  • Weight of counterweights
  • Recommended working loads for equipment
  • Motor current
  • Stage ropes
  • Weight of stage fabrics

To learn more about the iRigging iPhone app from JR Clancy, visit their website at www.jrclancy.com.  You can download the iRigging App for FREE from the iTunes app store. It is available separately for both imperial and metric.