LEDs + Snow = Lighting Goodness

If you didn’t already know, the International headquarters and base of operations for iSquint is in Washington, DC.  Starting Friday night, the Washington DC metro area was under a blizzard snow warning and expecting one of the heaviest snow falls in recent history.  And boy, did we get it!  At 6am Saturday morning, there was about 4-5″ of snow already on the ground and it just kept coming.  By noon, we had an additional 6″ of snow.  By 6pm, at least another 6-8″ of snow for a grand total ranging from 18″ – 24″ depending on your location.

I have always loved snow and the effects that snow covered lights produce.  How about the icicles hanging from the roof line with multi color lights lighting then from behind… OH, the magic of it all!  Well, I wanted to re-produce just a little bit of that magic to share with you.  The other night I stopped by Home Depot to pick something up and noticed they already had Christmas lights 40% – 60% off!  And to top it off, they had some LED strings left! How could I pass up such an offer!

The images below show how simple and easy making some beautiful lighting with some off the shelf string lights.  Then or course there is the snow part that is not as easy to come by.  So what is the point here?  Get out and make some good looking lights with what ever you have laying around or can find on the cheap.  Learning and exploring with lights doesn’t have to be limited to the theatre or even a lab. Just get out and play!

Winter at Headquaters