Lee Filters Introduces New Sodium Effect Gels

lee_gel_swatch_bookLee Filters just announced the addition of a new range of gel correction colors to their Arc Correction and Effect filters, the Lee Urban Effect Filters.  Lee has developed a range of gel correction that would turn daylight and/or tungsten lamps to a sodium light effect.  Yes, the same sodium lights that are primairly used for street lamps.

The new colors in the Urban range of gels are thus:

Lee has also developed a  new falight conversion gel that coverts daylight (5600k) to Tungsten (3200k) with a red bias.  The new gel colors is 604 Full CT Eight Five.

And the final gel that Lee is introducing is a new diffusion filter, 439 Heavy Quiet Frost, which is very durable and makes very little noise when used on windy locations for film and video people.  The new Heavy Quite Frost is so durable that it can be sewn, or grommetted together to create a larger sheet for larger frames.