Lighting Industry Professionals: PassPorts and Touring on A Budget

We follow one our our fellow bloggers, JimOnLight as he has some great information about the lighting industry.  Recently JimOnLight write about two things that we feel that every lighting professional should know.

us-passportThe first being having an up-to-date passport.  Why is this important?  Traveling outside of the United States even to Mexico or Canada, US Citizens are required to have a passport for re-entry to the state.  In addition, we here at iSquint have found that having a PassPort for 1099 work is much easier then carrying around a drivers license and a birth certificate as verification. Be sure to read JimOnLight’s post, Lighting Industry Folk and Passports.

20-dollar-bills-02The next post we want to point out from JimOnLight is about how to save money while traveling and or touring for work. In this tough economical times, getting a gig can become increasingly difficult.  There is a lot of competition in the industry to land a gig.  So, what happens when you do land that gig and you have to travel away from home?  JimOnLight has been traveling a lot lately and has put together a great post about how to save your hard earned money while on the road.  Be sure to check out his post, On Th Road: Save Your Hard Earned Money!

Thanks Jim for these great post!  We wish you luck in Sweden!