Live Coverage of PLASA 2009


Are you planning on attending PLASA at Earls Court in London next week? You’re not?! Neither are we. We just could not swing the trip over the great big blue.  But have no fear, there are some UK based designers and friends that will be covering the show for all of us giving you and me updates via their website’s and twitter feeds.

PLASA is the largest Entertainment Lighting and Sound Expo’s in the United Kingdom.  PLASA has over 300 manufacturers and suppliers of professional audio, lighting, AV, stage engineering and systems integration registered to show off their latest and greatest gear on the show floor.

First, let’s start with PLASA it’s self.  The PLASA Show has it’s own twitter feed.  While there is not much on the feed at the moment, we are hoping to have up to minute coverage of what is going on the show floor and what new products are announced.  You can follow the PLASA Show twitter feed by following @PlasaShow.

Next up, Rob Sayer, our friendly UK designer from has confirmed that he will be attending PLASA this year and will be updating his site with news from the show floor.  We are hoping that he brings his camera and updates us with pretty pictures while on the show floor.  You can subscribe to Rob’s RSS feed by visiting his website at  You can also follow his twitter feed at @OnStageLighting.

We briefly spoke with Mark Wynn-Edwards, another UK based designer, console programmer and better known as MarkTheRockLD, to see if he will be attending PLASA.  Since Mark is on tour right now all over Europe, he is not quite sure if he will be making it to PLASA.  But if he does, be sure to follow his twitter feed, @MarkTheRockLD for not only updates and quick pics from the show floor, but also some hilarious updates and notes of interest.

If you are attending PLASA this year and have a form of getting info out about the show via a website, twitter feed or some other form on the interwebs, please drop us a line at and we’ll be sure to add you to the list to follow.

The PLASA Show runs from September 13 – 16 at Earls Court in London England.  For more info on the show, visit the PLASA Show’s website at