Martin Mac 401 Dual Video

I just saw a great product demo video of Martin Professional’s Mac 401 Dual LED fixture. @MainLight posted the link to the video via their twitter feed and wanted to make sure everyone got a chance to view it. What is so great about the video?  Well, don’t expect to learn much more about the fixture then you already learned about my article that I wrote a couple of months ago about the Mac 401 dual.

What is nice about the video is that is shows the Mac 401 Dual in action.  There are more transitions to very nice marketing photos with some video goodness of the 401 in action, but with the overlaying music you don’t get a good understanding of one of the main selling points of the fixture, the super quite operation. Still, it is a great video in HD to get a feeling of how the fixture operates.

What to learn more about the Martin Mac 401 Dual, visit their website at