Neutrik Announces New HDMI Connector

neutrik-hdmiNeutrik is preparing announce the release of a new AV and video panel mount connector at InfoComm, the HDMI 1.3 feedthrough in it universal D-style chassis connector. The HDMI feedthrough is equipped with the same optional screen to chassis grounding and sealing gaskets features for a lockable and watertight digital interface connection. This type of connection will be able to withstand the rigorous plugging and un-plugging of the connector in the live event industry.

Neutrik’s new HDMI 1.3 chassis connectors (NAHDMI-W, NAHDMI-W-B) are perfectly suited to transmit any digital TV and PC video format including high-definition video (HDTV). Designed with a 19-pole HDMI receptacle at both ends, HDMI 1.3 is available with either nickel or black housing. As a leader in the industry, Neutrik is anticipating future requirements on IP-rated HDMI cable connections and has designed its latest HDMI chassis connector to meet these specifications.

To learn more about the new Neutrik HDMI feedthough connector, visit Neutrik’s website at  For pricing and avilability, contact your local Neutrik dealer.