New Job Site: Show Crew Networks


We just received word of a new job and networking website called Show Crew Network for the entertainment industry. Are you looking for work either as a freelancer or as a company looking to hire? Show Crew Network is a site designed to help you locate and land a gig with in the entertainment industry.  It works for both sides of the coin.  If you are an individual looking for work, Show Crew Network is designed to help you located and land that gig.  On the other side of the coin, Show Crew Network also help companies looking for full time, part time and any other type of work employers might be looking to fill.

For Crew:

Show Crew Network is the personal booking agent you never had.  Get booked, manage your availability, payments, job details and more!  Get started and create a profile in minutes and put the Network to work for you. Create a profile today – It’s FREE!

For Companies:

Show Crew Network is a web app that makes finding, hiring, scheduling and payrolling qualified freelancers a breeze!  With our fully automated system, crew management is a few clicks away and gives you access to a rolodex of thousands of freelancers.  Create a profile today- It’s FREE!

More about Show Crew Network:

Show Crew Network is more than a website, it’s a dynamic tool for both production industry professionals and companies. Our custom web app provides a fully automated system for finding, scheduling and pay-rolling crew for events, shoots and tours-in real time!

Show Crew Network was developed by production industry veterans looking for a way to simplify the process of booking crews for gigs and making freelancing easier for production industry pros.  The founders consulted with production companies, rental staging companies,  freelancers, event firms, touring companies, sound, lighting and video houses and many others along the way to design a system that makes booking jobs for both employers and crew members a snap.  In addition, Show Crew Network is robust with features that save time and money as well as reducing the headaches of scheduling, managing and payroll.

While setting up an account for either a Crew person or Company may be as simple as creating a FREE profile, some fees are due upon landing that job or finding a person through the network:

  • Crew Member Registration – FREE!
  • Company Registration – FREE!
  • Crew Member Payment Disbursement Fee – $1 per transaction
  • Company Service Fee – 7% per transaction
  • Company Escrow Processing Fee – 3.9% per transaction

To get listed and start looking for jobs or crew people, visit the Show Crew Network’s website at and create your profile today.