New Social Web Site For Theatre

theatreface_logoRecently announced at SETC and USITT is a new social web site aimed at theatre folks called,  TheatreFace is a networking site for professionals, educators, students and the theatre community and is made possible by the delights industry magazine, Stage Directions.

TheatreFace as you may have guessed is a similar social networking site such as MySpace and Facebook.  The key difference is that TheatreFace is geared towards theatre people.  Members are allowed and encouraged to add content such as photos, videos, discussion topics and create their own blogs on TheatreFace.

We here at iSquint have signed up as a TheatreFace member and have also added an iSquint group.  For the time being, TheatreFace is an invitation only, but send us an email at with your name and email address and we will be happy to send an invitation to join TheatreFace.