Ocean Optics Jaz Light Meter

ocean_optics-jaz-light-meterWhile doing some research on the internet, we came across an interesting tool from Ocean Optics, the parent company for the SeaChanger color engine, called the Jaz Light Meter.

What is neat about the Jaz that is that is a small light weight meter with a lot of features built in. Such as the ability to radiometric analysis all sorts of light emitting devices from LEDs, flat panel displays and lamps.

This pre-configured, pre-calibrated spectrometer suite is the ideal tool for quality control, lab and field measurements of LED chips, assemblies and other luminaires. With the Jaz Light Meter, and its onboard processor, you can measure spectral characteristics and calculate key parameters like Lux, Lumen, PAR and Watt values. The battery module enables you to measure for up to 8 full hours, without recharging, and Jaz’s SD card slot gives you a convenient way to store spectral data. You can also download Jaz’s data into SpectraSuite for post-processing and determining CIE color coordinates, color rendering indexes and color temperature.

The Jaz meter comes with the SpectraSuite software to analysis a source of light and calculate a multitude of characteristics of a light such as Lumens, Lux, PAR and watts. All of this information is stored on to an SD card in the Jaz meter and then downloaded into a computer running the SpectraSuite Software.

Where does this have use in the entertainment industry?  Rental shops and manufacturers of lighting fixtures can analyze a fixture very easily either in a lab or out on the road to make sure fixtures are up to snuff and producing the correct levels you desire.

For more information on the Jaz Light Meter, visit Ocean Optics website at www.oceanoptics.com. The retail price of the Jaz Meter in a rugged Pelican case is only $5,972.