PLASA09: RSC LightLock

rsc_lightlockLooking ahead towards the PLASA Show next week at Earls Court in London England, We have a preview of what the Royal Shakespeare Company has been working on, the RSC LightLock.

Imagine this, you need to hang a moving light in a place where there is no pipe or truss hung.  In comes the RSC LightLock, a free floating rig to suspend a moving light from that counter acts the pan of said moving light. Until now, it has been next to impossible to hang a moving light from a lightweight automated bar or truss and not have the entire rig swing or swag due to movement of the moving light.

Each RSC LightLock unit is equipped with on board sensors to constantly monitor the units movement as well as servos to counteract and generate sufficient inertia to eliminate un-wanted movement.

The Royal Shakespeare Company is better known for it’s interpretations of works by William Shakespeare, The head of lighting at RSC, Vince Herbert found a need for such a device and developed the LightLock for use in the recently renovation of the RSC’s lighting system.

More information about the RSC’s LightLock is still a little hard to come by.  We are expecting more information to be released at the PLASA Show next week at Earls Court.  Check out the video of the RSC LightLock in action in a YouTube video hosted by Patrick Stweart.

UPDATE: Rob from informed us that the RSC LightLock was actually introduced LAST year at PLASA. From the RSC’s press release, they are planning on re-introducing it at PLASA again this year. So everyone forget what you heard about it last year as this year’s introduction will be much better!  But as Rob points out, “it is a solution looking for a problem“.