“Playing” With Moving Lights via a Wii Joystick

wii_lighting_remote Most lighting consoles these days are big computers based on some for of operating system such as Windows Embedded and have the ability to add USB devices such as a mouse or track ball.  Users have the ability to control moving lights either by the attached mouse or track ball to control the pan and tilt of the fixtures.

Some genius out there has gone a step further and taken the joystick potion of a Wii control and made it into a “USB Mouse”.  What is so special about a Wii Joystick being turned into a USB device?  The theory is that it can be attached to a lighting console to control moving lights pan and tilt functions.

Now, we have not seen any reliable source information on this.  All we have heard is word of mouth.  We have heard that 2 years ago at the National USITT Conference, the USB Wii Joystick made an appearance of some sort. Other then that, information on the cool idea is scares.  If you have any additional info, we would love to hear about it in the comment section.