Prism Projection Reveals RevEAL CW LED Wash Fixture

RevEAL LED Wash FixtureWe just heard from a good friend about a new LED fixture, the RevEAL CW LED Wash Fixture. The RevEAL Color Wash is a product of Prism Projection and utilizes energy efficient and long last solid-state light sources that are applied with with proprietary control algorithms and projection optics.

Prism Projection’s technology unlocks the potential of LEDs in order to provide a lighting instrument with exceptional utility and quality previously only approached by conventional sources.

Some of the RevEAL CW Features:

  • Extended Color gamut with multiple primaries
  • Color Temperature from 1,800k to 10,000k
  • Color Rendering Index above 95
  • Built Solid, No Glass Lenses
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 50,000 Lamps Hours
  • 46 Lumens per watt @ 180 watts or 8,280 total lumens

Pretty impressive fixture.  From what we have heard, with the unique prism technology, there is absolutely no color shadowing present. Prism Projection will be at LDi this year in booth 117.  For more information on the RevEAL CW wash fixture, visit their website at