Rumor Mill: ETC RFU, Meet iPhone

etc_iphone_rfuWe are not going to say much about this one as we don’t know much of anything about it!  From our spy station located in Madsion WI, we heard over our hidden mic network deep within the walls of ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls) the mention of RFU (Remote Focus Unit) and iPhone in that same sentence.

Now we admit, the spy mics that we picked up from radio shack SUCK and we need to replace them, but the final word that we picked up on this whole conversation was USITT.  So, lets do some speculation here.  RFU+iPhone=perfect combination right?  Let’s think about this a moment.  In order for the iPhone to communicate with the console, it will have to be connected via WiFi or wireless networking… They only console that can do that are the Eos, Ion, and Congo and not the Express, Expression, Insight or the SmartFade series.

So, one step closer, Etc is might be releasing a RFU app for the Eos/Ion/Congo in the near future as early as the USITT Stage Expo in March. My questions are, will the iPhone/iPod touch app be free?!  And will it be small enough in size that it can be downloaded on the fly over the 3G network if needed.  I ask the last question only because some larger applications… ok fine.. GAMES that I have tried to download over 3G say that I can not and have to be connected to a WiFi access point.

No one back in Middleton is saying a thing, I guess mums the word back in the cheese state. We here at iSquint will upgrade of spy mics and possiably some cams too!  ETC still offeres free tours of the factory right?