Rumor Mill: Wybron to Update iSwatch iPhone App

wybron_iswatch-app_splash_pageWe have heard through the lighting grape vein that Wybron is working on a new update for their popular iSwatch Gel Picker App for the iPhone. Wybron has been working with some of the gel manufacturers that are currently in the iSwatch app to provide a way for users to locate dealers near them based on the GPS or by triangulating your position. And then displaying local dealers of that gel manufacturer within a certain range of your position.

This is very similar to Zinman Software’s ML Finder Pro App to locate rental locations of a certain type of light.  Where could this new feature be useful in the iSwatch app?  While out of tour or traveling show, you may burn out of a certain color and need to locate a dealer of that gel near your location.  Rather then calling the gel manufacturer or visiting their website to find a dealer near you, open up the iSwatch app, select the gel and map it.  This could save huge amounts of time while trying to load in a show.

We haven’t heard when the update might come around, but sooner the better we think!