SeaChanger Plans to Announce New Nemo to the Family


We just saw on twitter that Ocean Thin Film, the makes of the CMYG mixing color engine the SeaChanger is gearing up to announce a new member to the Nemo Family of lighting fixtures.  We learned this morning from @SeaChangerET of this by clicking through to their Facebook page. The only thing mentioned on the Facebook page is that is belongs to the Nemo Family and is an Outdoor rated fixture and that it will be on display at LDI next month in the SeaChanger booth.

Since it is in the Nemo family of products, we are assumeing that this new outdoor fixture uses the LIFI Plasma source lamp with a lamp rating of 15,000 lamp hours, a CRI rating of 90+, and draws 285 watts of power.  We hope to hear more about this well before LDI.