Texas House Bill 2649

Yesterday brought a lot of attention to the Texas House of Representatives and the passing of House Bill 2649.  The long and short of the bill is that is requires any lighting designer that works within the state of Texas to licensed as either an electrician, architect, engineer, landscape architect, or interior designer.

This has the potential to put a lot of lighting designers out of work with in the state.  Some fellow bloggers have put together EXCELLENT write ups on how we can make sure that this Bill gets knocked down.  While it has been passed by the house, thanks to our laws and how a bill becomes law, we still have a chance to block it from becoming law.

Please visit JimOnLight.com and read his posting about the Texas House Bill 2649 and how we can rally together to bring this bill and or verbiage about lighting designers down. Jim has been keeping a close watch on the progress of this bill and who to call, email and tweet.

Another way we can act is by contacting your State Governor and ask them to speak with Texas Governor Perry, (512-463-1782) about how this bill can hinder our livelihoods.  Visit the USA.gov page to contact your state Governor.