The 2010 iSquint and Jimonlight FAT-OFF Begins

iSquint and Jimonlight Fat-Off

Over the last couple of months you may have noticed that Jimonlight and iSquint have become close allies in bringing you reliable lighting information, coverage of trade shows and all around camaraderie.  Along the way Jim and I have become close friends and supporter of each others adventures.

With our first meeting at LDI 2009, we quickly relied on each other for support. The support now continues with a new contest between us.  Both Jim and I have come to the realization that we are over weight.  With the “gentle suggestions” from each of our wives, we have decided to take the wives suggestions and lose some weight.  To make it interesting, we have started a friendly competition, the 2010 FAT OFF.

The goal, LOSE WEIGHT!  The reward, LOSING WEIGHT and feeling better about each other. We have our starting weight and who ever loses the most weight based on percentage wins.  It’s that simple! Want to join us in our Fat Off? Jim and I will be using a free iPhone app called Lose It! What is nice about the app is, first, it is FREE, second we can easily track each others progress.  You can add Jim and I as friends through their website,  You can track me, Justin Lang by using my email address, and Jim’s email at

The FAT OFF begins today and ends on July 1, 2010. Join us in becoming our own Biggest Losers!