Thern Stage Equipment Announces The Brickhouse

tse-brickhouseTheatrical rigging, lines sets and counter weight systems have been around for quite a long time. You might think that there really is no way to improve on such a solid horse horse of a system right? In comes Thern Stage equipment with a new design on the arbor called the Brickhouse.

The brick house is a front loading arbor that provides an easy way to not only load and un-load the arbor, but do it safely! The brick house has a new front loading design that makes loading the arbor so much easier.

Traditional counterweight arbors are difficult to load due to their side-loading design; operators are required to stretch and twist to load weights from the bottom up. With TSE’s Front-Loading arbor, a series of weight shelves eliminates the need for bottom loading and allows counterweight bricks to be front-loaded at the most convenient position. Operators are no longer required to stretch and bend repeatedly to load weight bricks from the side. TSE counterweight bricks also feature built-in handles for convenient gripping and carrying.

The Brickhouse’s unique weight shelves and other innovative design features also provide for more secure operation compared to conventional counterweight systems. These weight shelves eliminate the need for spreader plates and are sloped inward, using gravity to hold bricks in place during operation. A self-engaging gate on the front of the arbor also holds bricks securely during operation to prevent accidental escape.

Additional information on the Brickhouse from Thern Stage Equipment has been short coming.  While you can certainly visit their web site at, information about the Brickhouse could not be found.