Third Party iPhone App – WholeHog3 iPhone Remote App

Hog3_iphone_appWith iPhone’s and iPod Touch’s gain more and more popularity and the addition of third party apps over a year ago, our little friend has become more and more useful by the day because of software developers and just all around smart people with in our small community.

Jon Griffin, a lighting design and owner of has been developing his own iPhone app to control a hog3 control desk which he calls the WholHog 3 iPhone Remote App.  Jon has been developing this app on his own and is not in any way affiliated with High End Systems or Barco. What is interesting is that he is not “developing” a stand alone app, but uses an emulation program for windows and the iPhone called Snatch Server and Snatch iPhone App.  Jon has made “screen overlays” with common buttons and functions found on a Hog3 desk.

Jon originally developed this app for his personal use but has now made it available for others to download and start using it with their Hog systems.  More screens are planned and in development and will be added to his site as they are finished. To download and setup the Hog3 iPhone Remote App, head over to Jon’s website at

If you are an iPhone App Developer, Jon is looking for you! Contact him via twitter @housetohalf.