TMB ProShell RJ45 BackShell


We were recently on the TMB website doing some research and came across a new product called the ProShell RJ45 BackShell as pictured above.  While this entire device just looks like another RJ45 connector, just beefed up, it is in fact not that!  The patented ProShell converts any conventional RJ45 connector into a robust and road worthy connector capable of repeated connections while maintaining mechanical and electrical integrity.

Here are some features listed from the web site:

  • Fits standard attachable RJ45 connectors
  • Strain relief holds cable securely
  • Protects RJ45 locking mechanism (latch) from breaking off
  • Profile fits high-density hubs and switches. Will not block adjacent ports
  • Label indent fits standard size label for easy marking
  • Color coded; available in all resistor colors
  • Completely removable and reusable
  • Shaped to easily pull longer cables through nested cables
  • Optional cap protects contacts when longer cables are dragged during coiling

At a retail price of $5.60 for a pack of 2 for the ProCell RJ45 BackShell with no cap, these are a cheap addition to any tour where RJ45 cables are pulled night after night.  For more information and to purchase your ProShell BackShell, visit TMB’s website at