Tuesday Twitter Trivia – Badger Alum Winner

Silhouette on stageThis weeks Tuesday Twitter Trivia was a rather cryptic one. We left it a little cryptic for a reason though, we didn’t want to make it TO easy.  But we did leave some keywords in the question to help figure it out.  Let’s take a look:

This Badger Alum went on to become one of the first lighting professors at an Ivy League School and developed a method of stage lighting that is taught in almost every lighting 101 class. Please name this person and Ivy League School.

If you follow college football, specifically the Big Ten or are from Wisconsin, you know that Badger Alum meant University of Wisconsin, specifically Madison. So what U of W Madison Alum went on to become the first lighting professor at Yale School of Drama, an Ivy League School AND developed the method of lighting the stage known as the McCandless Method?  Non other then Stanley McCandless.

This weeks winner is Jim Galvin or @Jimeg, From New York, New York. Congratulations to you Jim on being the first in with the correct answer.  So what is that gem from college?  It is something we used while HAND drafting plots and set designs during our college years, our VINTAGE compass set.

iSquint Vintage Compass Set