Tuesday Twitter Trivia – Lamp Life

Tungsten LampWelcome to another Tuesday Twitter Trivia Question.  This week I am back on lamps.  Their is a lot of buzz in the industry right now about energy efficiency with LEDs.  Ad to that the economical situation that the United States is in, everyone is looking ways to save money. Purchasing almost any type of LED fixture right now is a huge investment up front, but can pay off over time.  Since most of us have trouble with that initial investment, how can we extend out budgets with our current lights.

So this weeks Tuesday Twitter Trivia question is about tungsten lamps and how to extend them past the lamp hour rating set forth by the manufacture.

Name a way to extend the lamp hour rating of a tungsten lamp.

This week I am going to change it up and ask that you provide your answer in the comment section of this article rather then direct message through twitter.  I will accept both methods, but leaving a comment here, everyone will benefit from your response.