Tuesday Twitter Trivia – The HPL

HPL 575 LampLast weeks Tuesday Twitter Trivia question seemed like an easy one, and to some, it was.  This week, we are asking another lamp question.  It has to do with one of the most popular entertainment lamps out there.  With over 2 million Source Fours out there, the HPL lamp gets used quite a bit. Other then knowing that the Source four takes an HPL, do you know anything else about the lamp? So here we go…

Since the HPL lamp is a “non-ANSI” code lamp, what does the term HPL stand for AND what wattage is the HPL lamp available in?

As normal, please Direct Message us @isquint through twitter. The first person with the correct answer this week wins an iSquint prize pack. We have to limit this Tuesday Twitter Trivia to readers within the United States, sorry.  Break-a-leg!