Update: GrandMa 2 Lighting Console Almost Ready

grandma2-real_worldWe recently wrote a post about information on the GrandMa 2 has been lacking.  Turns out the the new console is up and running.  That being said, the new series 2 software is not.  While the new GrandMa 2 hardware has started to ship to select customers, the console is still running the series 1 operating system as the series 2 operating system is not finalized. Once the series 2 operating system is ready, it will be an easy upgrade for GrandMa 2 users that have recived the new console.  The GrandMa 2 is able to switch between running Series 1 and Series operating systems while the original GrandMa lineup is only able to run Series 1 operating system.

ACT Lighting, the North American distributor of the MA Lighting product line has had the information available for users to learn more about the new console as well as list pricing. Visit ACT Lighting website at www.actlighting.com for more information.

The new GrandMa 2 product line up is as follows:

  • Full Size
  • Light
  • Ultra Light
  • NPU (Network Processing Unit)
  • Replay Unit
  • Fader Wing

To learn more about the features that the GrandMa 2 consoles offer, visit MA Lightings website at www.malighting.com or the dedicated site for the new GrandMa 2 consoles at www.grandma2.de. The GrandMa 2 is expected to be shown at the USITT Stage Expo in Cincinnati this week, but will Series 2 operating system be shown?