UPDATE: #LDI09tweetup Date Change #LDI2009

#LDI2009 #LDI09tweetup Peter Dancing

Attention all, We had to change the date of the 2009 LDI tweetup from Friday, November 20 to Saturday, November 21.  Jimonlight says this:

Due to some circumstances that arose, iSquint.net and I have to change the day of the TweetUp to Saturday night, November 21, 2009 at 8pm.  Same fun, same bat channel, all that – something just came up for Friday night that I have been asked to do.  We are really hoping that everyone will still arrive and have a great time!  We have things to hand out, we have a big announcement to give, and other stuff that will rock!

Sorry for the day change, I hope this doesn’t blow out anyone’s candle!  Remember, if you’re tweeting about the JimOnLight.com and iSquint.net TweetUp, use hashtag #ldi09tweetup!