UpStaging Launches Headlite W LED Unit

upstageing_headlite_ledThe Headlite W LED is a 5,200 kelvin white LED fixture in a compact 18″ x 18″ package. The fixture contains 24 strips, each with six high-power Luxeon LEDs, for a total of 144 LEDs per fixture, creating what the company says is the brightest LED fixture of it’s kind, with an output of over 25,000 lumens. he Headlite is controlled by 24 DMX channels, each channel controlling one of its 24 LED strips, providing amazing programming possibilities the company adds. Each individual LED has it own interchangeable lens, again offering creative opportunities. Currently, the fixture comes with a 12-degree lens; without the lens, the LED puts out a distinctive narrow 6-degree spread. A 24-degree lens is available.

For the tech, the DMX input is three-pin XLR complete with data flow thru. The fixture’s auto-switching power supply draws only three amps at 208V or five amps at 120V. The 18″ square fixtures weighs only 35lbs and currently offers a stationary yoke with a three-hole configuration that can be hung in any orientation. With its 50,000 hours of LED, life this fixture is built to last, keeping maintenance simple.

The unit is exclusively available at Upstaging. “The Headlite W fills a need in the market for a low-wattage “blinder” and special effects fixture that simply could not be found anywhere else.” explains John Huddleston, general manager of Upstaging Lighting Services.

Pricing, availability and additional information has not been released yet.  To learn more about Upstaging, visit their website at

via L&SI America