Winner Announced for the Ultimate Focus Tool Contest


At the start of the Ultimate Focus Tool contest, we asked for your most creative uses and ideas for the tool.  And boy did we get what we asked for!  There were over 20 submissions to the contest.  Some where a little to “racie” to enter the contest as they involved some quite “interesting” uses of the tool.  We apologize to those that submitted those uses and were not eligible for the contest.  Honestly… while funny to some of us, we felt that they were not appropriate for the contest.

Out of the uses that were submitted, two uses really stood out to both us here at iSquint and  After a night of fierce debate and reasoning, we have found a winner.

Congratulations to 2Henchmen with this winning entry:

I’m pretty sure that no matter what lies in wait for me at the end of my life, whether it be heaven or hell, a pine box, a steel vault, a burial at sea, shot into space, or sealed inside of an ancient EC 8×9, the Ultimate Focus Tool will be able to free me. The gates of hell and the gates of heaven are sure to have bolts on them somewhere. The pine box is no match for the hardened aluminum UFT. The steel vault must be fastened somehow, and I’m sure I can find a way for my trusty UFT to crack it. The vibrant lanyard will serve a beacon for searchers when I’m buried at sea. In space, even NASA uses fancy bolts. And that EC… oh that EC… your yolk bolts may be seized up, and your stepped lens may obscure my view, but be assured that with my UFT I shall conquer you.

And after all of that, I’ll use the UFT to crack open a nice cold one, and drink it back in celebration of my new life as a theatre tech zombie.

Yes, UFT, you have brought me back from the pits of hell,the heights of space and heaven, 6 feet under, and 20,000 leagues under. Thank you, UFT for ensuring my never ending life as a member of the theatrical undead.

We never thought of the UFT as a life saving device, but you provide that it is so! We congratulate you on winning the Ultimate Focus Tool!

For those of you who did not win, we thank you for your entry!  There were some very creative uses that really made us laugh and cry all at the same time.  To pick up your very own Ultimate Focus Tool, visit