Wybron Updates/Addes more Gobo’s and Gels to iPhone Apps

wybron_app_gobo2.pngWe just heard through the marketing department at Wybron that they have updates to two of their iPhone app’s, the Gel Swatch Library and the Moiré Gobo Library.

Wybron has added over 500 gobo’s from Inlight Gobo and over 1,300 gobo’s from Apollo Design.  This means that the gobo library include over 3,300 different gobo patterns to view. A new feature included in the 1.1 update is the ability to “flip” the gobo between front and back sides.

The new updated version of the Moiré Gobo Library has been added to the iTunes App store and can be viewed here.  the update is free to current owners while new users, the price remains $9.99.

The Gel Swatch Library now includes 150 Apollo gels in addtion to the Gam, Lee and Rsoco gel colors.  This gives the total amount of gels that can be reviewed to over 1,000. The update to the Gel Swatch Library will be added to the iTunes app store within the next two weeks and will be free to current owners. Be sure to visit the iTunes app store to purchase and download the update when released.