A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting – Even CHEAPER!

Late last night I got an email about a new discount off Steve Shelley’s book, A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting, 2nd Edition from Focal Press.  It seems that Amazon really wants you to purchase his book and save money at the same time. First, here is the boiler plate on Mr. Shelley’s book:

Construct and Implement Your Own Lighting Designs with the most trusted guide to stage lighting!  An entertaining and educational read, author Steven Louis Shelley draws from his 35+ years of diverse experience to bring you the step-by-step technical tools for getting the job done along with real-life examples of projects from start to finish. Learn why some techniques are successful while others fail with ‘Shelley’s Notes’ and ‘Shelley’s Soapbox,’ all with a humor that guides you through complex problems and concepts.

So what about that deal huh?  A while ago, I got wind of a super secret discount code Focal Press offered on Mr. Shelley’s book, (which is long gone by the way). Looks like Amazon is beating that original discount.  Amazon.com is offering a savings of 38% off the cover price of $49.95 and selling it for $30.95.

If you have not already purchased your copy of Mr. Shelley’s book, what is stopping you? Head over to Amazon.com and pick up your copy of A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting, 2nd Edition NOW!