American DJ Announces Remote Controlled RGB LED Fixtures

Looking to cut the cables and still have some color?  American DJ has the perfect solution for you.  They just announced four new LED fixtures that cut the DMX cable and operate off a hand held infrared remote control.

The first two fixtures are RGB LED par cans, the PRO38B LED RC and the PRO64B LED RC. Both of the par cans use high power 1 watt LEDs.  The PRO38 has 12 LEDs while the PRO64 doubles that at 24 LEDs. The LEDs are evenly split between red, green and blue. Both fixtures offer 30 degree beam spread and 50,000 lamp hours and just 15 watts of power usage for the PRO38 and 30 watts for the PRO64.

American DJ also introduced to color bar fixtures, the Mega Bar 50RGB RC and the Mega Bar LED RC. Both of the Mega Bar fixtures offers a mixture of red, green and blue LEDs to wash almost any surface you can thing of with almost any color of the spectrum.  Additionally, American DJ is stating that the Mega Bar LED fixtures offer 100,000 lamp hours and only draws 30 watts of power.

All four of the LED RC fixtures comes with a hand held wireless infrared RC remote controller that gives you the ability to change any of the fixtures color with presets or manually all from a “tv” style remote.  Now don’t think you can sit back of house and control fixtures in a lay-z-boy.  The remote has a maximum distance of 15 feet.

Learn more about the LED RC fixtures by visiting American DJ web site at