AvoLites PLASA 2010 AvoLife After Party

How super upset am I that I am not going to PLASA this year?!  The latest email from Avolites put me over the top.  Now I am super jealous of everyone going to PLASA 2010.  Avolites just announced/invited everyone to the blow out party on Monday, September 13th.  The Avo Afterparty 2010 sounds like it is going to be a blast! It will be held at Fabric, London from 8pm to late.  I like that the end time is “late”, possibility of not ending??? ;)

If you want to attend the Avo Afterparty, be sure to stop by the Avo stand at PLASA, 1-F18, BEFORE the party begins, to get on the list and fast tracked into the party.  Who likes standing in line any ways?! Think it might not be worth the trip?  Check out past PLASA Avolite parties, now I really wish I could make it!