Barco Announces OVL Series of LED Walls, Brighter & More Efficient

Barco is proud to announce a new line of LED-lit, DLP-based video walls with an improved LED engine. The new OVL range reaches a brightness level that is 20% higher than any competing system, without shortening the projection system’s lifetime. This makes it the most efficient LED video wall available today. The OVL video wall range is offered in 4:3 ratio, with screen sizes up to 80 inch.
Just like Barco’s 16:9 LED video walls, the new OVL series has an advanced heat management system based on liquid cooling technology, which brings the LED temperature down to the optimal level. This results in a significantly longer lifetime of the projection system, amounting to 80,000 hours of continuous operation in eco-mode – or a 35% improvement over competing video walls.

Thanks to liquid cooling, it is possible to boost the OVL’s brightness level up to 20% without shortening the system’s lifetime. This effectively makes the OVL the brightest LED-lit video wall on the market. Conversely, it is possible to prolong the system’s lifetime by lowering the brightness level. This way, Barco proves that liquid cooling is very effective in counteracting LED aging effects.

OVL video walls can save up to 30% power compared to other LED-based systems. Barco achieves this by basing the OVL’s color and brightness adjustment on smart power management, not on optical dimming.

Check out more about the OVL Series of LED walls on Barco’s website,