Barco launches Rear-Projected Dome Technology and 10 Megapixel Simulation Projector

Building on the expertise gained with liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) display technology, Barco took the next step up in projection to remain at the forefront of simulation technology in terms of projecting the most realistic imagery available. This resulted in the SIM 10 projector, which offers a 10 megapixel (4096×2400) resolution, making it the only projector of its kind currently in the market for flight training.

The SIM 10 projector is the imaging heart of another Barco innovation, the 360° rear-projected dome. Designed from the ground up by Barco, including all mechanical components and screens, the dome offers a contrast of 25:1 and an average resolution that is always better than 4 arcmin/OLP. It is a customizable design, and fits into rooms as low as 14 feet high.