Call For Help: Give Titus Your Support

Just like Jim, I too believe that our future belongs in the hands of the up and coming students and technicians.  It is a real shame to waste such a talent that a less fortunate student has due to the lack of funding and/or basic technology available to them.

Richard Cadena has a good friend, Titus in Nigera that has just finished his engineering degree.  Titus’s dream is to open a production company in Nigera to bring the live arts to those around him. Titus recently enrolled in an audio production program in Cape Town but is in need of a Apple Notebook to complete his work in the class.

Many of Mr. Cadena’s friends in the entertainment lighting industry have offered older G4 Apple Notebooks, but alas, they will not work for the programs that Titus needs to run for his class.  He is in need of a newer Intel processor Apple Notebook.

Mr. Cadena has started a fundraiser to collect money to purchase a new Apple Notebook for Titus to complete his Audio Production Class and begin his lifelong dream of starting a Production Company. Mr. Cadena and I are asking for your help to donate to this very worth while cause. Any little bit will help! Mr. Cadena has setup a fundraiser through and I have added the widget to this post.  Please, let’s help Titus!