Chauvet is at it Again, Releases SlimPAR 38 and SlimPAR 64

It seems as though I am writing about a new product from Chauvet Lighting at least once a month.  That is a good thing! I have to give it to Chauvet, they keep coming up with new ideas and fixture designs.

The latest such fixture is the SlimPAR 38 & SlimPAR 64. Both fixtures fit into a pretty small housing at just 2.5″ deep.  With LEDs, a larger back-end isn’t required because there is no reflector.

The SlimPAR 38 has a total of 75 red, green and blue LEDS while the SlimPAR 64 has a total of 180 LEDs.  Both fixtures can operate on 3 or 7 channels of DMX depending on how you like to operate. With the 7 channel control, you get built-in automation effects, sound activated programs and of course STROBING! Everyone one loves a good strobe effect.

Let’s talk power, the fixtures draw less that half and ampere. But there is no mention of what wattage output the LEDs are. Though, at 1 meter, the 38 pumps out 1,500 lux, while the 64 pumps out 3,640 Lux at 1 meter.

Get more information about the SlimPAR 38 & SlimPAR 64 by visiting Chauvet’s website at